Which software to use to create a chatbot with java?

The chatbot is a software used to communicate automatically in case of unavailability. It is programed in such a way that to a given question, a specific answer is communicated in return. There are several solutions for creating a chatbot. We propose you some of them that you can use to create a chatbot with java.

AIML for the creation of a java chatbot

AIML stands for Artificial Intelligence Markeup Language. It is in fact an XML language that allows to create software agents in natural language. If you are interested in this solution, see this site for more information. This tool allowing to create chatbots, uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) system. It interprets human interactions and gives precise answers to questions. With such a tool, you are sure to have chatbots that meet the market demand.

Indeed, it is essential to know how to distinguish between NLP and NLU.  As far as NLP is concerned, it refers to all systems that work collaboratively to manage end-to-end exchanges between machines and humans. More explicitly, NLP allows humans and machines to understand each other. Speaking of NLU, it is a subset of NLP that is larger. Its main role is to analyze unstructured input.

Creating the chatbot with the Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft offers the ability to deploy chatbots on websites and applications through the Microsoft Bot Framework connectors. The bot has two main components namely the BotBuilders SDK and the channel connectors. The latter allow you to connect the chatbot to different messaging channels.

The BotBuilder SDKs allow you to implement the business logic in the chatbot. Moreover, they support the java version. Upon delivery, the BotBuilder is equipped with an emulator for local unlocking of the conversation display. This is a very important parameter for web developers. So use these few tools for creating your stylish and well-designed chatbots.