How to create a chatbot with Hubspot?

The technological revolution has seen the birth of bots of all kinds, including chatbots. These bots allow you to conduct serious conversations with customers on online websites. How to create these chatbots with Hubspot? This article will teach you how.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are small computer programs that conduct chat with humans on online websites. Hubspot is a great tool for creating these little bots. It is a computer program that can chat with visitors on a website. However, there are more tips here on how to create one. A chatbot carries on a conversation with visitors like a human being. It is programmed to do repetitive and purely automatic tasks. A chatbot is nowadays necessary for any company that would like to have new customers, a good company-buyer communication system. This conventional robot is a valuable marketing tool to boost online sales. In particular, it uses the social networks Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter to chat with customers.

Steps to follow to create a chatbot with Hubspot?

There are many steps to follow to create a bot on an online platform.

Determine the channel to use

The first of the things to do to create a bot with Hubspot is to determine the channel to use. This is the social network through which the conversations should take place. With Hubspot, you have the option to choose between Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Identify customer needs

These are the needs that visitors to your platform will express once they log in. Take stock of all the possible queries they will make.

Opt to create a bot

Since you've just learned about your customers' queries, you can now opt to create a chatbot.

Start the actual creation with Hubspot

There are just a few steps to follow to complete the creation of your bot. First, create chat streams and set up the Hubspot bot. Then define the standard responses from visitors and set the conditions for the end of the chat. Chatbots are very necessary on websites to answer customer queries. They can be created using Hubspot by following a few steps.