Health & Safety:

Your child's health and safety is always in the back of our minds. We will take every step to ensure that your children can have an amazing day in a safe environment. Our Risk Assessment is available to view online. This document takes into consideration how to make your event as safe as possible. When your inflatable is dropped off our driver will set up the castle in a safe and suitable location. He will also instruct you on the safe operation of the bouncy castle. You will be then left with a copy of our hire agreement terms & conditions. This document outlines the steps to make your day both enjoyable and safe. Bounce Party are members of IIHF and BCN so we are always kept up to date with all of the latest information

All of our inflatables are purchased from reputable European Manufacturers and each one is designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Safety standard EN14960:2013. This standard originated in 2006 and ensures that the inflatable holds the correct air pressure, that there is a suitable amount of anchor points, that there is a suitable run off and that the general condition of the unit is suitable for hiring. All of our inflatables are then retested on an annual basis to ensure that they still comply with the standards. The certificate of conformity is just like your cars MOT and it can make a company's insurance invalid if it does not have one. The certificate of conformity of each of our inflatables can be seen below:

In the event that an accident should occur Bounce Party has £5 million Public Liability Insurance.